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Marten's story and his struggle with cerebral palsy
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Thursday 17th April 2014


Our thanks to the many individuals, businesses and organisations who have helped put together Marten's Donnie Munro Special Acoustic Concert to be held this Saturday (19th April) in the Normandy Hotel, Renfrew. There's been an all round super effort involved and all the tickets have been completely sold out - it's going to be a fantastic evening.

There have been lots of very generous prizes and gifts contributed (see below) to the event as well, so there's going to be a huge raffle with lots of super prizes - so bring your purses and wallets with you!

So what's this all got to do with Robert Burns and a book auction? Well one of the prizes "The Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns" printed by Waverley has been donated by Scotland's First Minister, the Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP. To add to it's value he's also autographed it. With everything that's going on in Scotland this year: The Home Coming; Commonwealth Games; 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockurn, and the Referendum this is sure to become a collector's item!


The auction is being run online and has a closing time of 4:00pm on Saturday 19th April. That way, we will know the winner by the time the concert starts and also be able to announce the amount of the winning bid. All money raised through the auction will be added to the total raised and go towards paying for Marten's continuing therapy for his cerebral palsy. 

Simply click on the link below and you're through. If you want to take part, or make a bid, then it's a simple matter of creating an account and making your bid. You'll see how the bidding's going and what you'll have to bid to be in the lead. If you've entered a winning bid you will be notified if someone else outbids you. Please pass this link to friends or relatives who you think might be interested. Happy bidding!

Tuesday 15th April 2014


Sorry if you can't make it - you've missed a great night.

Saturday 12th April 2014


HAUD THE BUS! No sooner had we announced that all the tickets for the Donnie Munro Concert had sold out, did we not get an email from a lovely young lady in Helensburgh to say that she can't make it. Naturally, she's heart broken, but being a good sort she's sending back her two tickets for us to sell again to add to the funds.

So, if you missed out narrowly then here's your chance to take that look of disappointment off your face and get down to the Donnie Munro Concert on Saturday 19th April at the Normandy Hotel in Renfrew. Now we've taken the automated sales button away, so if you want to purchase these two tickets (£17 each) then simply go down the right hand column of this page until you see the donate button. Click through, follow the instructions, tell us it's for 1 or 2 tickets. Remember to leave your address. We'll make sure they get to you on time.

* * * * *
N.B. Who said the nostalgia club is not as good as it used to be? Auld Renfra' punters will recognise this old Cunningham's bus sitting just before the slip down to the old Renfrew Ferry (the auld HMS back and forward) or chain ferry. That was in the days of the real Renfrew Ferry (or Yoker Ferry if you lived on the other side) before that thing which looks like a glorified rowing boat came into service. Look closer and you'll see the old Izzi's ice cream place in the background. Anybody remember the old machine just at the slip that sold the milk shakes?

Sunday 1st December 2013

Supports Marten's Progress

Former "Runrig" front man and renowned Scottish musician DONNIE MUNRO has agreed to host a special charity concert in aid of Marten's Progress! Donnie, who will be accompanied by fellow musician Eric Cloughley, will be providing this very special acoustic concert at the Normandy Hotel, Renfrew, on Saturday 19th April 2014.

Donnie who's works are also available through Greentrax Recordings will be supported by two other friends of Marten's Progress, the sensational Christine Sparks and John Sparks. Christine and John have already played a charity gig for Marten's Progress and we are delighted that they agreed to help us again.


Tickets for this very special acoustic concert are available through this website. You can pay using major credit and debit cards or through Paypal by selecting the number of tickets you want, then by clicking the "Buy Now" button. After that, to use a debit or credit card, simply click on the line "pay with a debt or credit card" located at the bottom right hand section of the new page.

Please remember to fill out your name and address so that we can post your tickets. No card details are held on this website. If you want to pay by cheque or good old-fashioned cash please contact Bruce McFee on 07747 620 126. Postal applications should be sent to Bruce McFee, 36 Troubridge Avenue, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, PA10 2AU. Cheques should be made payable to "Marten's Progress".

Many thanks for supporting this very worthwhile cause. Doors open 7.00pm for a 7.45pm start.


        Where the Roses      Love will never die

The album Heart of America won the 2006 Album of the Year award at the Scot Trad Music Awards. This is the title track taken at Pitlochry An Turas concert on 5th July 2009. The song features many images of immigrants arriving at Ellis Island in New York - which formed part of the inspiration to write this song by Donnie Munro after his visit to the island a few years before.

* * * * *


Since starting ABR therapy (Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation) in January 2012, Marten has gone from strength to strength.

Diagnosed the day before his first birthday as being severe spastic quadriplegic Marten's future looked bleak. Unique amongst alll therapies and treatments for Cerebral Palsy, ABR strengthens the body core of the affected child, actually reversing the muscular and skeletal deformities that the condition has caused. ABR reshapes affected bones and slowly moves muscles back to their correct positions; as this happens the strong spastic spasms stop with spasticity ultimately being removed from the body completely and permanently.

The pictures above show Marten first in January 2012 and then again in November 2013 - the differences are quite striking! From a position where he had no neck and so much difficulty breathing that he had supplementary oxygen 24/7 work on his chest and lungs quickly removed his additional oxygen dependency, while work on his neck and head created the clearly independent head, neck and thorax visible today.


Again the differences are striking. First pictured in January 2012, Marten's chest is so weak that it immediately collapses (like an accordian) when any pressure is exerted from the side. March 2013, 14 months later, and the strength of his thorax is clear to see - no more collapse. Amazingly, with ABR once the problem has been resolved it remains resolved. The bones continue to grow in the correct position with their new strength and you move to the next part of the body which requires attention.

The therapy does not use drugs, surgery, or forceful interventions but involves countless hours of work from dedicated parents and friends. It is not a miracle but the results can appear miraculous.

For further details on ABR, including details of upcoming Assessment and Training Sessions go to

If you want to view Marten's latest assessment, carried out in November 2013 click here.



Jim McFee
(Marten's Grandad)
24/08/29 - 01/10/12

Marten - June 2013

Marten - recovering from surgery to fit cochlear implants - June 2013

Marten & Erik watching cartoons - November 2013.