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Marten's story and his struggle with cerebral palsy
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Naming Ceremony
This is a section that will certainly grow as Marten continues to make progress. From wild, uncontrolled movements and clear unhappiness and distress to being much more aware of his body, more controlled and deliberate movements from a clearly happy and secure wee boy.

In early April 2012 Marten started to pull his knees up under him and to lift his bottom. Our friends at ABR Belgium told us that this was the start of his spine starting to open up resulting in greater mobility. Until that point Marten's condition meant that he moved as a solid block - with no independent mobility of his body parts. 

Bath time - with my painful muscle cramps now a thing of the past I'm starting to find  much more freedom to relax and move around - particularly in the bath. Taken in May 2012.

Taken on Sunday 13th May 2012, Marten and mum playing heads, shoulders, knees and toes. Three months ago Marten would have been unable to do this, his stiff arms and legs would have made him sieze up amost immediately and that relaxed smile you see would have been a painful cry as the muscle spasms become stronger as the child grows older.

The Ben Lomond sponsored walk for Marten's Progress took place on Saturday 16th June 2012. 34 walkers set on in torrential rain, braving high winds and hailstones on their way to the top. All the money raised went to financing Marten's continuing ABR therapy for his cerebral palsy.

I'm starting to find that my hands, toes, fingers and feet are moving when I tell them to. Taken on holiday in Pärnu, Estonia. July 2012.

Yip, it's definitely happening I can even make my legs move again and again when I want them - this co-ordination thing is getting easier! Taken on holiday in Pärnu, Estonia. July 2012