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Marten's story and his struggle with cerebral palsy
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24TH AUGUST 1929 - 1ST OCTOBER 2012

Regular readers of Marten's website will have noticed that there weren't any new stories in October although a lot was happening. This was primarily due to the death of Marten and Erik's grandad (Jim) who died after being in hospital for more than 7 weeks.

Jim's death leaves a huge hole in the lives of Marten and Erik, he was there last surviving and only grandparent, and also in the lives of his son Bruce (Marten and Erik's dad) and of mum, Iris.

Jim was shocked to see the size of the boys when they were born in December 2012. At only 3lbs Erik was tiny, but at 2lbs 2ozs Marten was even smaller still. You can just imagine the shock of finding out that your grandson weighed the same as a bag of sugar! But the boys' weights were not the only shock for Jim. Perhaps the greatest shock came when he was told that both boys had been diagnosed as profoundly deaf. His reaction to that meant that mum and dad had to be much more careful when they had to break the news of Marten's cerebral palsy!

This was done one Saturday afternoon (such as that pictured below) when he was over to see the boys in his weekly visit. Luckily, by that time mum and dad had found ABR and had spoken to Krista who was busy making arrangements to come over to Scotland (she was concerned that Marten was too ill to travel the distance to Belgium). As dad explained what Marten was suffering from and the reason for his peculiar behaviour and lack of progress, he sat his dad down in front of the computer screen. Dad watched two videos from the ABR website; one of Peter Jan (Krista's son) and one of Helen. Watching the videos gave him great hope that something could be done to help his grandson. These two videos appear on both Marten's website and the new ABR Scotland one.

Jim lived to see Marten get better every week - thanks to his ABR treatment, Our only regret is that he didn't live to see Marten stand on his own two feet and walk! That is our goal. Some may describe it as hopeful or wildly optimistic, but it is perfectly possible with ABR. Besides, if you don't have hope and optimism when dealing with children who have cerebral palsy - then you have nothing!

Jim with Marten in November 2011

Jim with Marten and Bruce earlier 2011

Rest In Peace