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Marten's story and his struggle with cerebral palsy
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Naming Ceremony
Please use the tabs above to navigate through the videos covering different times in Marten's life. They range from shortly his birth at Wishaw General Hospital, to his life-saving move to Yorkhill Hospital for Sick Children, through his "preparation stay" in the Southern General to his arrival at home. You can watch videos from his Naming Ceremony in July 2011 and witness some of the problems Marten was dealing with in the run up, and shortly after, his diagnosis as suffering from severe cerebral palsy. These videos also provide hope, particularly for parents with cerebral palsy children, that there are alternatives available - no matter how far we need to travel to find them. Finally there is some light relief in some of Erik's videos  who, as usual, comes along at the end to steal the show.

As Marten progresses, and we are confident that he will, we will add to the videos available online.