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Marten's story and his struggle with cerebral palsy
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28th November 2012


Marten's Progress is pleased to announce that arrangements have now been finalised for the unique ABR cerebral palsy therapy to come to Scotland. The four day event will take place from Friday 8th March 2013 through to Monday 11th March at the Guide Centre, Barn Green, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire. The centre has full modern disabled facilities and is approximately 10 minutes from Glasgow Airport.

Previously, it had been thought that we would only be able to carry out a public information session and some assessments due to the packed diaries of ABR experts; but now we have managed to secure the services of an additional experienced ABR trainer from Belgium meaning that we will now be able to offer training that weekend as well! This is a major step forward for parents of cerebral palsy children who are keen to get their child started on this unique, rehabilitative, home-based therapy.

We have also been burning the midnight oil with our Belgian friends and have managed to reduce the anticipated annual cost down to €6,000 or approximately £5,000. It also means that parents and children will no longer have to endure the long journey to Belgium several times a year which is both costly and tiring - a journey Marten was having to make.

While the new, fixed, cost is a significant reduction from the anticipated figures that we gave as an indication, we understand that it will still push the treatment beyond the reach of many parents. To them we can only say that Marten's treatment and travel were only made possible through a magnificent team of volunteers who climbed mountains; ran marathons; organised charity football matches and music evenings, collected sponsors; swam with sharks; had their legs waxed; packed bags, or simply put their hands in their pockets. 

What we are saying is this: 

"Don't let a lack of money interfere with your child receiving the best therapy that is now available in this country!"

Get out there and fund-raise like Marten's team. Rope in your friends, relatives, neighbours and workmates. You will be surprised just how generous the people of this country are when it comes to delivering better chances for children - our experience has been both uplifting and humbling. 

"Don't wait for someone else to do it - make the first move yourself!"

And, if you think you need some help or advice contact Marten's Team using the contacts page on this website. DO IT NOW!

The new ABR Scotland website contains all the information for March (and more) - read on.

A new ABR Scotland website has been set up to help promote the launch of ABR in Scotland and to provide parents of cerebral palsy children with greater detail on the treatment and other matters which it is not possible to cover in Marten's site.

At the moment the site is waiting to go live (waiting for the redirection links to propagate we're told) but we have placed a link below as we believe that it is necessary to give as much information as possible, as soon as possible. By clicking on the link you will find lots of new information, plus a page called "How to start ABR". That page provides all the details on 8th - 11th March, registration, who, where when etc. There is also a sub-page called "Fees", it explains how much and when, where and how payments are made, plus a section of fund-raising.

Here's the link:

* * * * *

If you haven't seen this video before don't be alarmed when you click on it and see Marten's obvious distress. It shows what things were like in November 2011 (one month before Marten was diagnosed as having cerebral palsy) and what he was like by July 2012 after having had 6 months of ABR. This video is also available on the ABR Scotland website.


On Saturday 8th December 2012 the Marten's Progress team are holding another fund-raising event to help pay for Marten's treatment. This time it's a Christmas Craft Fair, to be held at Kilbarchan Guide Centre, Barn Green, Kilbarchan from 11.00am until 3.00pm. 

Pamela and her sister Heather events organisers and are arranging a wide selection of stalls and goods - including a lot of childrens' events like face painting, kids caricatures, glitter tattoes, kids jewellery, baby exercise music and of course childrens' candies. There will also be a display of birds just outside organised by "Hoots Owls" with a chance to have your photograph taken beside one of our feathered friends.

Entry price:

Kids: FREE

Big Kids: £1.00 (includes entry into a free draw)