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Marten's story and his struggle with cerebral palsy
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Naming Ceremony
Marten and Erik had their Official Naming Ceremony in the Old Library Centre on Sunday 24th July 2011. Andy Doig, family friend, officiated at the ceremony and Olive from St John's Episcopal Church, Johnstone played the organ for us. The Centre volunteers pulled out all the stops and we all had a great day. It was also a very hot day and part way through the ceremony everyone decanted to the gardens at the back - wonderful. Guests from around Scotland and a far away as Spain and Estonia attended. If you're wondering who's singing so loud (and a little out of tune) it was Irene from Spain, the boy's au pair at the time, who was holding the video. 

The first video is "The Story So Far", little did we know that it wasn't the whole story. The boys had only recently been diagnosed as being profoundly deaf, but we still had no idea that Marten had cerebral palsy.

The Ceremony Begins (by this time the boys are stating to get hot - maybe Marten should take is hat off!)

Things are getting hotter - then the candles cam out - phew! By this time Marten has lost the hat and Erik is getting too hot to handle.

Time for the speeches, wife a mention for some very special friends from mum.