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Marten's story and his struggle with cerebral palsy
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Tuesday 9th July 2013


The Marten's Progress Team are pleased to offer this "once in a life time" opportunity to own an original framed pastel, painted by renowned Scottish artist Duncan Brown. Duncan, who has donated the work, has a wide collection of works ranging from landscapes, Scotland's story and animals, through to "The Sport of Kings" and, of course, personal commissions. We are very grateful to Duncan and would ask you to take a look at the quality of his works at

Tickets for this masterpiece of a young boy with his beautiful Newfoundland are available through this website. Priced at £10 for a book of 5 tickets every penny will help to pay for Marten's continuing ABR treatment for his cerebral palsy. Click the link for further information on ABR

The draw will take place at the Upperward of Lanarkshire Canine Society Companion Dog Show on Saturday 20th July 2013 at the Market Hall, Lanark Agricultural Centre, Lanark. For further information on the whole event, including how to enter your dog into the event, please take a look at the article below.

To purchase a book, or books, of tickets please use the section below. All major debit and credit cards are accepted and you can, of course, also use Paypal. Select the number of books (£10) you wish to purchase then click"Buy Now". On the right hand side you'll be asked for your Paypal details. If you don't have a Paypal account and want to pay using a debit or credit card just click on the section below marked "Pay with a debit or credit card".

Thank you very much for your support.

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Tuesday 9th July 2013

Saturday, 20th July, 2013.

The Marten's Progress Team are delighted to announce that the Upperward of Lanarkshire Canine Society are again supporting Marten's Progress by organising a Companion Dog Show on Saturday 20th July.

Marten was diagnosed as suffering from severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy on 13th December 2011 (a day before his first birthday). He had previously also been diagnosed as being profoundly deaf, having chronic lung disease and had earlier undergone laser surgery for Retinopathy Of Prematurity (ROP) which would have rendered him blind if left unchecked.

Realising the inadequacy of current NHS treatment for CP sufferers, Marten's parents went on a quest to find a suitable therapy for their son. They came up with ABR, a therapy which actually reverses the muscular / skeletal effects of cerebral palsy allowing the child's body to develop functions naturally. Unfortunately, this treatment (a home based therapy where parents are taught how to work with their child) was not available on the NHS, or even in the UK. The nearest centre was in Belgium, where fees, plus the cost of travel and accomodation made the annual costs prohibitive. The Marten's Progress Team was established to help Marten's family afford him the best therapy available and that was ABR.

Since then, The Marten's Progress Team have also funded the expansion of the treatment to Scotland, where children from all over the British Isles now come. The first (10) new patients started in March 2013 with another 6 just started earlier this month. The progress of the children in just 3 months has been astounding.


The show, which will be held under Kennel Club Ltd rules, will take place at the Market Hall, Lanark Agricultural Centre, Lanark, ML11 9AX on Saturday, 20th July, 2013. It will open and accept entries at 11:00am and judging will commence at 1:00pm. 

There will be 10 different Pedigree Classes judged by Mrs F M Chapman-King, these are:

1. Any variety - Minor Puppy (6-9 months);
2. Any variety - Puppy (6-12 months);
3. Any variety - Terrier Open;
4. Any variety - Hound Open;
5. Any variety - Gundog Open;
6. Any variety - Working Open;
7. Any variety - Pastoral Open;
8. Any variety - Utility Open;
9. Any variety - Toy Open, and
10. Any variety - Veteran (7 years and over).

In addition there will also be 10 different Novelty Classes judges by Mr Bill King, these are:

11. Golden Oldies (7 years and over);
12. Handsomest Dog;
13. Prettiest Bitch;
14. Cuddliest Puppy (6-12 months);
15. Rescue Dog or Bitch (with story);
16. Child Handlers (6-16);
17. Dog Most Like its Owner;
18. Cleverest Dog (with trick etc);
19. Dog with the Waggiest Tail, and
20. Dog the Judge would most like to take home.

There's Rosettes and Specials in all classes. Watch out for: the Best Pedigree Dog in Show (and the reserve); the Best Fun Doh in Show (and the reserve); the Best Puppy in Show (from Classes 1, 2 and 14), and the Overall Best in Show.

The Marten's Progress Team would like to thank both judges for offering their services, it is very much appreciated.

Entry fees (Pedigree and Novelty Classes) are £2.00 for the first entry per dog and a further £1.00 for all subsequent entries with the same dog.

N.B. Dogs which have won the following awards are not eligible for entry at Companion Dog Shows: Challenge Certificate (or any award that counts towards the title of Champion under the rules of any governing body recognised by the Kennel Club - Pedigree classes only); Reserve Challenge Certificates (Pedigree Classes Only), and Junior Warrant winners (Pedigree Classes Only).


For further details: Bob or Maggie - 01698 887776 - who have been magnificant in organising this event. 

* * * * *