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Marten's story and his struggle with cerebral palsy
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Saturday 7th April 2012


Today we bring you some great news about Marten. Over the last couple of weeks we have noticed Marten starting to get a little more controlled movement into his legs. Three days ago we compiled a short video (see below) of Marten beginning to bend his knees and bring his legs up under him. At the same time he has also starting to raise his bum into the air. For an "ordinary" baby this would not be particularly remarkable, but for Marten it is significant.

We also noticed that Marten's new movements were greater if the top of his back was stimulated by a light touch or tickle. The video was posted on You Tube and sent to our friends at ABR Belgium for comment. Yesterday, Krista from ABR Belgium came back to us; here's what she had to say:

"Just saw the movie. The reaction comes from the upper spine. He is contracting with the upper spine and the result is that the spine is pulling up the pelvis. This means that there is coming more mobility in the upper spine. This has so far nothing to do with  lumber mobility, but it is possitive to see how the upper spine has gained mobility!!!!!"  Krista

At the moment Marten's spine is extremely immobile, this results in his body moving as a solid block. The exercises that we have been doing since January were specifically aimed at strengthening the body's trunk. To date we have seen a number of advances with this technique i.e. better sleeping, coming off oxygen etc, but this is the first big breakthrough mobility wise.

This is a very small but hugely significant step. It means that the upper section of the spine is starting to open up. This is absolutely vital as al parts of Marten's structure require to develop independent mobility if Marten is to thrive.

What it also demonstrates is that the treatment is having an effect. At just over 100 hours of exercises over many weeks this improvement has come early, but we are under no illusions that it will take many hundreds, indeed thousands, of hours more to see big changes. Take a look at the video - we're off to do more ABR exercises with Marten!